Pest of the Season

Winter Care

We highly recommend a winter dormant spray to help protect your landscape investment.

A dormant spray is the most important and environmentally friendly sprays of the year. Timed properly, a dormant spray will kill destructive insect pests and diseases in their immature stages. If you only spray your plants once a year, or wish to reduce chemical usage in your landscape, be sure to perform a dormant spray this winter.

What is a Dormant Spray? Dormant spray is highly refined horticulture plant oil and can be used alone or mixed with a natural fungicide or insecticide. The dormant spray physically coats the plant’s twigs and branches, therefore smothering insects and eggs that overwinter on the plant. Dormant spray is considered one of the best organic defenses against diseases because it also smothers dormant spores and fungus.

What plants will benefit? Most deciduous trees and shrubs will benefit from a dormant spray. Dormant spray is especially useful for fruit trees and very effective for raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and many flowering shrubs. Pests affected include aphids, mites, scales, pear psyalla, many insect eggs such as tent caterpillar eggs and fungal and viral diseases inculding scab, leaf spt, and blights. Dormant sprays are not recommended for evergreens.

Jim Halvorson
N-Viro Division Manager
Degreed Horticulturist

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