Maintaining the health and vigor of plants is the key to achieving a cost effective and enduringly beautiful landscape.

More than just a spray service! We integrate various techniques and products throughout the year to protect your trees and landscape plant investment. Plant insects, mites and diseases are plentiful in our Pacific Northwest climate often causing irreversible harm before noticeable symptoms appear.

Foliar SprayingFoliar Spraying

Foliar Spraying by a trained professional can provide cost effective immediate relief of insect infestations when the life of a plant is at risk. With the proper timing and products, spraying (when applied properly) can provide safe broad spectrum protection against Tent Caterpillars, Aphids, Spider Mites, Root Weevils and a variety of diseases including Anthrachnose, Brown Rot, Canker, Powdery Mildew, Scab and more.


Microinjection involves the introduction of small quantities of systemic chemicals including insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics and mineral nutrients directly into the vascular system of trees. Once introduced, the chemicals rapidly circulate throughout the plant without any contact with the environment. This technique is especially useful for large trees in sensitive environments where foliar applications are not practical.

Systemic Soil and Basal Bark TreatmentsSystemic Soil and Basal Bark Treatments

These Enviro-Smart techniques are used whenever prudent to protect against a wide variety of insect disease pests while safeguarding beneficial insects as part of our Integrated Plant Health Care philosophy.

Root FeedingRoot Feeding

Involves injecting a specialized formulation of liquid fertilizer including essential micro-nutrients directly into the root zone using a pressurized probe. Improves root growth and essiential nutrient uptake.

Integrated Plant Health Control

By Combining good scientific principles, a variety of techniques, thoughtful product choices and good old fashion common sense, we have designed an N-Viro-Smart program to promote healthy beautiful plants for you, our valued customer.

Our Plant Health Care Services Include

  • Foliar Spraying
  • Microinjection
  • Systemic Soil and Basal Bark Treatements
  • Root Feeding

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