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N-Viro Liquid Lawn Care

We have developed a unique phosphate free hebio-rational liquid lawn care system. Our service includes a seasonally adjusted mix of essential nutrients and natural biological soil enhancers to safely maximize the health of your turf and keeping it green and attractive all year long.

Our All-In-One service provides Soil Fertility, Weed Control, Moss Control, and Disease & Insect Control including Crane Flies along with optional Tree & Shrub Care.

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Pest of the Season

Moss Control

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know that controlling moss in your yard can be maddening.

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Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

  • Increased Carbon Sequestrion
  • Filters Pollutants
  • Reduced Pesticide Usage
  • Increases Water Efficiency
  • Reduces Runoff and Erosion
  • Cools Air Temperatures in Summer
  • Suppresses Weeds and Diseases
  • Reduces Costly Maintenance
  • Increases Property Value
  • Greater Recreational Enjoyment
  • Simply makes you Feel Good